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Au pair in Spain program

What is the Au Pair program?

The Au Pair Program consists of a cultural and educational exchange regulated by an international agreement that benefits two parties, on the one hand a family with children, who needs help with the care of their children and on the other hand a young foreigner (boy or girl) between 18 and 30 years old, who wants to learn a language and know another culture. The Au Pair will live in the home of a family, receive full board and a weekly pocket money, in return will offer: child care, help with small household chores and teach their mother tongue.

What is an Au Pair?

The ``Au Pair``-concept was created at the end of the 19th century, when young British and German people started going abroad to France and lived with families, sharing their daily life and routines to learn their language. The word Au Pair means ``of your kind`` or ``likewise``.

An Au pair is not employed as a domestic worker. Their job is a remunerated activity, carried out as commitment and responsibility towards their host-family. On the other hand they can enjoy an unforgettable experience, learning the language of the country they chose to visit.

  • Be between 18 – 30 yrs. of age
  • Basic level of Spanish in conversation
  • Experience looking after children
  • Be independent and flexible
  • Respectful with the host family
  • Be willing to integrate in the host family daily activities
  • Individual room
  • Full board
  • Time free everyday and during weekends
  • Pocket money each week
  • Assist lenguaje clases
  • Opportunity to get to know other AU Pairs in the area
  • Looking after the children (Play with them, help them to carry out extracurricular activities, pick them up and take them to school, prepare food, change diapers, clean them bath them?, teach them your language.
  • Carry out small household chores (Help keep the house clean and tidy, prepare breakfast and simple meals for the kids, set the table and pick it up, do the Laundry, make small purchases, etc.).
  • One or two nights a week you will look after the children (babysitting) when the parents are out for the evening.
  • The au-pair will gain an invaluable experience from learning a new culture and a foreign language from the family. The au-pair should remember to try his/her best and keep in mind that flexibility and adaptability are key characteristics when being immersed in a new culture.

Learn a foreign language and speak like a native:

  • As an Au Pair, you are forced to use the language of your host country and to listen to it during the whole day.
  • You can use everything you learn at your language school and in real life, so you will improve your language skills very quickly.
  • Soon you will speak fluently without having to search for words and your vocabulary will extend and enriched by idiomatic terms. You will have more opportunities for your professional career.

Cultural Exchange and Personal Growth

  • The Au Pair Program offers you the possibility to leave your usual way of life and to get to know the lifestyle of other cultures.
  • The understanding of a foreign culture represents a great enrichment not only for your general education but also for your personality.
  • And you can also tell your host family and new friends about your culture and about your country – all through cultural exchange!

Work experience abroad and opportunity to travel.

  • Being an Au Pair will have the opportunity to work abroad. Not only will you grow as a person but also you will achieve a vast work experience for your professional future.
  • Working autonomously with your Host Family and taking over the responsibility
    for the children, you learn to make your own decisions and to take on responsibility for other people. These are the quality you need during both your studies and your job.
  • Being Au Paur offers you the opportunity to gain experience in looking after children and to improve your qualification for many social jobs.
  • You can travel all over the host country in your spare time or during your holidays.
  • Often the Host Family likes to take their Au Pair with them to their holydays or to
    short trips.
Au Pair in Spain

Au pair program in Spain

Spain is one of the first and foremost tourist destinations worldwide.
Why Spain is different?
I'll tell you a few reasons why Spain is special:
330 days of sunshine per year, thousands of miles of coastline with beaches, exceptional landscapes of mountains, plains, forests and deserts, friendly people, extroverted, open mind and welcoming, outdoor museums, partying, adventure sport, a gastronomy Unmatched

Why choose the Au Pair Program in Spain?

The Au Pair Program in Spain is a program of culture exchange and coexistence (living together), regulated by an international agreement, in which both parts Au Pair and family, need to accord with the established conditions to make it an enriching experience for all.

Live with a family and know their culture*

As an au pair in Spain you will have the opportunity to live with a Spanish family, get to know their people, their culture and discover this wonderful country.

You will not have any expenses for accommodation or maintenance

You will not have any expenses for accommodation or support and the vast majority of families will invite you to travel with them during the holidays.

Learn Spanish, the second most spoken language in the world!

You can learn or improve Spanish in a fast, efficient and economical way, at the same time as you self-finance your stay!

Take advantage of your stay as an Au Pair and invest in your professional future

You will obtain work experience for your professional future that can be reflected in your CV/RESUME.

Au Pair in Spain

Program features

Annual Program

  • Duration From 3 months to 1 year
  • Renewable up to 2 years
  • Can be applied for anytime during the year

Summer Program

  • Duration From 1 to 3 months
  • Application anytime before April.

More Information

  • Accommodation: Single room and full board
  • Responsibilities: Caring for children, teaching your language and engaging in household chores.
  • Hours:
    Basic Au Pair, 25-30 hours per week
    Au Pair Plus, 30-40 hours per week
    1 or 2 nights babysitting / per week
  • Weekly Pay: 70-100€
  • Free days: Weekends
  • Holidays: one week of paid vacation for a working period of six months
  • Health Insurance: 50% paid

Cost of program: FREE

*Au Pairs who wish to work in Spain generally bear the cost of their round trip and the course by themselves but in some cases the family takes care of the costs.

  • The age-range is between 18 and 30 years. (If you are 17 and want to participate in the program, you can do so, once your parents or legal guardian give their approval).
  • Be unmarried and without children.
  • You should have a basic knowledge of the Spanish language.
  • Valid Passport and identity card.
  • Be responsible, flexible, honest and have capacity for adapting to new situations.
  • You should like children and have the ability in handling them. It will be helpful if you have worked before or have experience in childcare.
  • You should know how to handle smaller daily duties in the household.
  • Good state of health, medical certificates are being requested.
  • No criminal records, a police clearance certificate is requested.

Note: Remember that you cannot be an au pair in Spain if you come from a Latin American country where Spanish is spoken as an official language.

  • Looking after the children (Play with them, help them to carry out extracurricular activities, pick them up and take them to school, prepare food, change diapers, clean them, bath them, teach them your language, etc.).
  • Carry out small household chores (Help keep the house clean and tidy, prepare breakfast and simple meals for the kids, set the table and pick it up, do the Laundry, make small purchases, etc.)
  • One or two nights a week you will look after the children (babysitting) when the parents are out for the evening.
  • The au-pair should observe the customs and way of life of the family, respect and adhere to the rules of the household, and perform the tasks to the best of his/her ability.
  • The au-pair will gain an invaluable experience from learning a new culture and a foreign language from the family. The au-pair should remember to try his/her best and keep in mind that flexibility and adaptability are key characteristics when being immersed in a new culture.

Note: All these requirements may vary depending on the necessities of the host family. However Family and Au-Pair will always sign an Au-pair and family Agreement that will describe the tasks and responsibilities from each part.

  • A single room for the private use of the Au Pair with all its necessities (bed, heating, cupboard, writing desk). During the summer vacation it is possible that the family wants the Au Pair to join their holidays. Occasionally the Au Pair might have to share a bedroom with the children due to the fact that sometimes there´s less space in a holiday location.
  • Full board. Whenever possible, the Au Pair will share the meals with the family.
  • Weekly work hours. Basic Au Pair, 25-30 hours per week, Au Pair Plus, 30-40 hours per week plus 1 or 2 nights of babysitting per week.
  • A weekly pocket-money, which depends on the guidelines of each program, will be provided. (Basic Au Pair approximately 70-80€ per week, Au Pair Plus approximately 90-100€ per week)
  • The majority of the Au Pairs get weekends off. However in some cases and depending on the necessities of the family, the Au Pairs takes 1,5 days off. Nevertheless the free day should always be on Sunday and there should be at least one entire weekend off per month.
  • There will be enough spare-time to assist language classes. If the Au Pair needs to use public transport to get to school, the family should provide the au pair with tickets or extra money for the fees.
  • There will be certain free time each day, to see friends, to go out for trips and excursions or do whatever the Au Pairs feels like doing.
  • Paid Vacations. The Au Pair has the right to have the minimum of seven days paid vacation each six months of work. If the au pair stays less than six months, the number of days of vacation are calculated according to the days of rest per month.
  • The host-family does not cover the travelling costs of the Au Pair, even though they sometimes contribute some amount to the expenses.
  • The family will pick up their Au Pair at the airport or station the day of arrival. If not, they will take care that someone (clearly identified) meets her/him on behalf of the family.
  • Medical insurance. The Au Pair is responsible for health coverage in Spain. It is advisable to bring the European Health Insurance Card (for EU citizens) or private insurance. The family will help look at private health insurance if necessary. Private insurance premiums, if one were to be contracted, would be covered in half by the host family.
  • The Au Pairs, who will be driving a car, will be provided with a corresponding accident insurance.
  • If the Au Pair falls ill, the family will look after her/him, as if she/he were another member of the family. The weekly pocket-money will be paid until the Au Pair recovers.

Depending on whether or not you are a member of the EU or EFTA and of the time you are staying in Spain, you will need different types of documentation or visas.

  • European citizens or EFTA countries

You do not need Visa, just a valid identity document or passport. You also do not need to be compulsorily enrolled in a Spanish language school.

What procedures should I take when I arrive in Spain?

If you are staying more than three months, there are several certificates that you must obtain once you arrive in Spain.

Best in Family will provide you with the necessary information on how to request them. They are very easy to do and the family will help you.

  • Non-European citizens or EFTA countries?

For stays of less than three months, most countries do NOT need a visa if their country is exempt from this obligation as Spain is a Schengen country. You also do not need to enroll in a Spanish course.

For stays of more than three months, there are different visas or mobility programs that will allow you to work as an au pair in Spain. You must enroll in Spanish classes or other educational courses.

* We recommend, in any case, always ask in the Embassy of Spain of your country about the formalities and concrete requirements.

* The rules and regulations for Student Visas are constantly changing. We highly suggest for you to contact your nearest Consulate to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and that you will have enough time to submit your application. You must contact the Consulate at least 60 days before your departure.

What procedures should I take when I arrive in Spain?

If you are staying more than six months, when you arrive in Spain, you must apply for the foreigner’s identity card at the Foreign Office.

Best in Family will provide you with all the information you need to know and documentation that you must provide depending on your nationality.

  • The country members of the European Union (EU): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
  • States of the European Economic Area (EEA): the 28 countries of the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.
  • European Free Trade Association (EFTA): Liechtenstein and Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

In Spain there is no possibility to affiliate the au pair to the Social Security. Therefore, if the au pair is not covered by the country’s health insurance, the family should help you look for insurance in Spain that fits your needs.

ATTENTION! Spain ratified the European Agreement on Au Pair Placement with the reservation that private insurance premiums, if one were to be hired, would be covered in half by the host family and not in its entirety.

  • Is the au pair EU citizen?

In general, au pairs are covered by the European health insurance card http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=563&langId=en. You should apply for it BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. You should also ask in which cases you are covered. If the au pair does not have access to the European health insurance card, he/she must take out private insurance to have access to health care. In any case, there are different insurers in Spain where you can hire health insurance with the help of the family.

  • Is the au pair citizen from outside the EU?

If the au pair’s health insurance does not cover you during your stay in Spain, you must hire private insurance that covers you in case of accident and primary care. In Spain you can get health insurance with the help of the family.

Information about the Registration Process (placement of the Au Pair in the Program) and the Services we offer:

Steps to follow and find your host family!


  • Fill out the APPLICATION FORM (without any commitment) so that we can inform you about the program and arrange an interview.


  • Make a Skype or Whatsapp interview with us. This is a first contact to get to know you better and see your language level.


  • After the interview, we send you the Documents that you must send by email and the Instructions to complete your file.

Ex: Letter to the host family, Personal documents, Childcare References Photographs, etc.


  • Once we have all the documents we will study and confirm the information in order to update your file and start with the search of your family.


  • We will propose several families to you and you will speak through videoconferences before selecting.
  • When you choose your family, you will receive the Family Engagement Agreement with our Agency and the Family and Au Pair Contract with the rights and duties, which you must sign.
  • We inform you and advise on administrative procedures and entry requirements in Spain according to your country of origin, visa (if applicable), health insurance and health care.
  • We will help you in the organization of your trip and we will send you by email all the necessary information about the Au Pair Program and information of your city: emergency telephone numbers, language schools, listing of other au pairs in your city, Socio cultural information about your city, etc.


  • The family will pick you up at the airport or arrival on destination.
  • We will monitor the Program and Mediation Service in the event of possible misunderstandings, doubts or problems.
  • Completion of the Program and issuance of Certificate of Best in Family for having participated in the Au Pair Program.

There is no cost for Au Pair participating in the Au Pair Program in Spain.

Other expenses:

  •  *Your flight, course and visa costs if required will be in charge of the au pair.
  • *Private insurance premiums, if one were to be contracted, would be covered in half by the host family.
  • * If you are interested, Best In Family will help you find your flight, course and health insurance.


Keep in mind that the money you invest in the costs of the placement and processing of the trip, you will recover it in the first month of your stay as an au pair.


Au Pair application form

Fill out the following request form without obligation and we will contact you to inform you about the program and arrange an interview.

Personal information and Contact Details

Your Preferences

In what program in Spain would you like to participate?
Annual ProgramSummer Program

Start date of the stay
End date of stay


Do you have experience with children?

Why do you want to be an Au Pair in Spain?

Comments or Questions

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